Member Benefits

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”
Albert Einstein

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1 Valuable 24/7 Web Exposure of the Holistic, Naturopathic and Alternative Health Industry

Members are assured of constant round-the clock on-line exposure, using a guaranteed Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Site to give you a powerful web presence. Along with exposure, members can avail themselves of Technical Support for this professionally designed clean, fresh and unique marketing channel.

2 Expanded Holistic Education for Members of Our Industry

HHP members will be further educated by one another in the Holistic Health Industry. Just as with a medical doctor who may have graduated in a particular field and be quite expert in their own field, much less is known about all the other various fields that abound in medicine. Because of this, our Members will be able to educate peers in their own area and beyond into other areas. Thus, a Licensed Massage Therapist would be able to present to others (either massage therapists or any other provider in a difference specific specialty they may have acquired. Perhaps the same therapist might know reflexology, aromatheraphy, cranial sacrial, etc.

3 Public Seminars Presented by Members

Nothing spreads your Credibility and Community Reach and credibility like being showcased in what we call “Practitioner Showcase” at a well-known venue with easy on-line Registration through the HHP website! All eyeballs are on YOU and your “cred” immediately surges creating a “buzz” about you and your services, followed by strong interest for you and client bookings. Practitioner Showcases provide an excellent forum to introduce various modalities to the public and other professionals.

4 Multiple Marketing Channels

Want your marketing presence to say that you’re “up-to-date?” Good. That’s why our channels include:
our magazine-look HHP Website, YouTube Video Channel, Facebook Group page. Video availability depending on package selected, original articles, photographs. Reduced membership rate to business network with Network Together Members.

5 Awareness of Holistic Health to the Public

HHP is dedicated to making the allopathic-aware public aware of holistic health. How is this accomplished? The entire website and its Directory format accomplished this with the included modalities of our Members, their own Personalized Provider Profiles (see above), their own practice descriptions, original articles, and access to public events such as Showcases, Seminars and Workshops.

6 Personalized Provider Profiles

Prominent placement of Color Member photo (headshot and shoulders) in suitable business or professional attire will display our individual Members. These photos will serve as promotion and visual identification of you, the professional, and invite the public and potential clients to draw them in to visit your profile and description. Once this is done, you have drawn a “hit” which you wish to convert to a phone call, visit, or purchase.

7 Affordability of HHP Network and Directory

Regular yearly rate of $25¬†translates to .07¬†cents per day! Remember that HHP is doing WORK for YOU 24/7 whether you are in the office, on vacation, or it’s a Holiday or weekend. People will be looking for and FINDING you while you are going about your profession and your personal life. How’s that for a constantly available “Sales Staff” that is full paid for from the moment you process your PayPal membership fee at