Good News!


Does your low back hurt? Sitting causing you pain? Does your low back spasm? Do you tilt to one side when walking? Can’t bend forward without pain?


Low back pain second only to cold’s and flu for people missing work. Are you one of these statistics?


Low back pain can come on suddenly after activities like playing sports, riding quad’s and dirt bikes, hiking, yard work, lifting, exercising, or abrupt movements. Sudden sharp or burning pains, often combined with tight or spasming muscles usually stops most people from continuing until this back pain is addressed. In some cases it may just be a strained muscle, but many times there is more going on besides these overloaded muscles.


Repetitive activities like sitting, bending and twisting, lifting, and driving on a daily basis leads to a more slowly degenerative process. The symptoms coupled with a slower degenerative process tends to be more aching, general pain, sciatic type symptoms, building slow, like drops of water in a glass. Once the body can no longer adapt to these gradual degenerative changes, the more severe pain begins to set in. Burning, sharp shooting pains, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, and even more severe symptoms like weakness and loss of function.


Things like joint fixation, poor joint mechanics, irritated nerve bundles, and torn fibers create a weak and unstable environment in the body especially along the spine. The spine works as a hub for not only nerve distribution and communication, but as a pivot area for these weakened joints and muscles, to shift to stronger healthier regions as compensation. These weakened and compensation regions force the muscles to work beyond their capacity leading to injury and back pain.


What do most people do first? They reach for the over-the-counter pain relievers.


While taking over-the-counter remedies may get you temporarily out of pain, the underlying condition in most cases continues to get worse, getting weaker and more unstable. Without actually repairing these damaged areas, they remain inflamed and irritated. This inflammation and irritation left unchecked provides a poor healing environment, and  the body begins to break down.


How do you stop the cycle? Chiropractic care.




It is safe, natural, and effective on back pain. It is also one of the best kept secrets everyone knows about.


By improving joint function, restoring proper joint motion, reducing pressure on sensitive spinal nerves,  chiropractic care provides a restorative and healing environment,  reducing pain, inflammation, and spasm.


So if you are suffering with back pain, get it checked. The sooner you do, the sooner you can begin healing.

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